In compliance with university policy our organization has written a formal constitution describing our purpose and laws of governance. It is avaliable here.

Leaving the group?

If for some reason you are unable to continue your membership in Chroal Society or ECCO, please notify the executive board so that we can take your name off our mailing list. This applies to anyone who has signed up, i.e. even if you have never showed up to any practice. Also, if you have borrowed any music from us, you must return all music to our mailbox. Please read the following instruction.

Returning your music

map to the Choral Society mailboxIf you have borrowed music from the Choral Society, you must return them whether you are a regular member or not. You can hand them directly to Mark or one of the executives at the start of any practice, or drop them into our mailbox any time. The direction to our mailbox is shown on the left (a gif image).

The mailbox is situated in one of the Mattin Center buildings that has a monitor desk. You should see a stained glass hanging inside a glass wall. Enter, and you will see rows of mailboxes on the right of the entrance. Find the slot that spells Choral Society, which is under Performing Arts category.